About Us

The GATS Directors have extensive experience in managing, and delivering training for aviation professionals.  The team has fulfilled the professional responsibilities of an international airline pilot, and a training manager from an Australian and Asian airline perspective.  Similarly, the team has extensive experience in providing pilot training to domestic and international trainees, as well the management of a large scale aviation training centre for airline technical staff for Australian domestic, and International students and trainees.



Global Airline Training Solutions
Managing Director

Tony has been involved in the aviation industry for over 30 years comprising of roles most recently with the Victorian government, and held a number of training positions from managing the Aerospace Industry Training Centre, and being a senior instructor at the Royal Australian Air Force School of Technical Training.



Global Airline Training Solutions
Director of Operations

William has been a pilot for 50 years and has held many positions from Captain, check captain, flight simulator manager and most recently general manager of a regional airport overseeing the setup of a airline academy.


Director Flight Training
Chief Executive Office of Moorabbin Flying Services (MFS).

MFS is a senior partner in Global Airline Training Solutions, and the preferred supplier of services.
MFS has demonstrated over 20 years that it has the systems in place, and a long-term commitment to providing a ‘complete’ training experience for domestic and international students.
Training conducted in a modern fleet Piper training aircraft with glass avionics.